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By Kim Toft - posted January, 2019

Mindmapping is a way to generate ideas in a visual and non-linear way. When working with mindmaps you stimulate both the right side and the left side of the brain, being creative and arranging stuff logically at the same time.

You can use Mind maps for notes, shopping lists, to-do lists, generating ideas, planning your next novel or game and more.

Here are some ideas:

-     Event planning

-     Idea generation

-     Summarising books and articles

-     Problem solving

-     Take notes during meetings

-     Set life goals

-     Project management

-     Plan and write a book

-     Write a business plan

-     Plan your finances

-     Make a To-do list

-     Holiday planning

-     Yearly planning

-     Plan your blog

-     Plan your next youtube video

Read more on these ideas on zapier.com in this link

Christoffer Toft Poulsen

Email: chris@pseudogames.dk