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By Kim Toft posted August 13, 2018

So, how do you actually mindmap ?

You can create a mindmap on a piece of paper, with a pencil, an eraser and som colors, or you can use a computer program or an app.

Pen and paper is sometimes the best solution, as it makes it easy to combine text, colors and drawings in the same diagram. 

No matter how you do your mindmaps, you should always start with a central bubble or node. The name of this node should represent the topic of the mindmap. The Topic should be short, one or two words, and in CAPITALS, or an image.

Create new bubbles or nodes, that are connected to the central node. Each new node should be related to the main topic in some way that makes sense to you. Try to summarize, use only one or two words for the node title. This will make the map easy to read. It will also make the map easier to remember.

Continue to add bubbles or nodes, connecting them to the other nodes, working outwards. As you work, the map will start to resemble a spiderweb or several trees radiating from the centre.

Use color to emphasize the connection between nodes. Color adds life to the mindmap, and makes it easier to see the connections. Use images if it makes sense. Sometimes an image can replace a lot of words.

If you use Orbit Mind, your map will resemble a planetary system, with planets orbiting a star.

Christoffer Toft Poulsen